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The Balance Between Inc.

We offer support to all agents of learning in schools- teachers, specialists, coaches, and instructional leaders at both the school and district level. We can also provide support at the state level and for parents.

thinkingmaplogoNOTE: As of July 1, 2014, The Balance Between is representative and sole consultancy for Thinking Maps in the northeast region including CT, MA, RI, ME, NH, VT and NY.

As students, teachers, schools, and districts vary widely, so do our services. We provide the full suite of standardized Thinking Maps courses for elementary and secondary schools (See ThinkingMaps.com) in addition to customized workshops. All of our Thinking Maps follow up work is custom-designed to match the precise needs of our clients. We offer both short and long term professional learning opportunities, but prefer to build deep and enduring relationships with our clients given our beliefs that a commitment to real and lasting change is hard work and takes time.

If your school or district is seeking to be trained in Thinking Maps, or if you are in need of more generalized support with curriculum, instruction, assessment, management, organizational culture or leadership, then reach out to us.

Perhaps Charlotte Danielson's quote below best summarizes our vision of the professional learning journey. Danielson refers to teaching, but we hold all educational efforts to the same standard: our work is hard, but we can always do it better.

A commitment to professional learning is important, not because teaching is of poor quality and must be 'fixed', but rather because teaching is so hard that we can always improve it. No matter how good a lesson is, we can always make it better. Just as in other professions, every teacher has the responsibility to be involved in a career-long quest to improve practice.
Charlotte Danielson, Ed Leadership Magazine (December/January, 2011, p. 37)
Elizabeth R. Dellamora Ph.D., is the Founder and Director of the Balance Between, and works as an educational consultant supporting teachers, principals, and district leaders across the country.

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