Dear Adam: Words cannot express how wonderful the Ardsley team thought the last three days were. Your hard work in preparing to visit our little district paid off a million times over. The teachers are incredibly excited about their learning and (don't blush) I think they are a little bit in love with our "Mr. Fabulous!"

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We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your support this past week. Our building is crazed with Thinking Maps, and our ability to reach out to both of you has been amazing! We have had several pre-conferences with our staff about their observation lessons, and Thinking Maps has transformed the conversation!

Peggy G, Principal
Bedford Road School, Pleasantville, NY

I’m sure you are already aware but Adam is an amazing TM instructor. His enthusiasm is inspirational. He has great anecdotes and examples. He has been able to move me from chaotic thinking to productive mapping with a few select words or examples! I think he is intuitive and a gifted educator clearly flexible enough to walk through the challenges I’ve had at different points in the process. Just wanted to remind you he’s a blessing for the company to be counting :)

Pam T. Teacher, Cleary School for the Deaf

Thinking Maps has truly revolutionized our approach to effective instruction and planning. We are super excited about our partnership.

Rebecca L., Principal
Queens, NY

I have said this before but it bears repeating. The Thinking Maps PD model is the most effective one I have seen in my 35 years of teaching. I am so grateful that I was chosen to be a part of this team, and am excited to start introducing some of what we have learned.

Jane A., Middle School Educator, American School for the Deaf
West Hartford, CT

Thanks for your kindness and for being such a pro at everything you do.
Our little place is better for knowing you and Heidi.
Nancy M., Director, Rhode Island School for the Deaf
Providence, RI

It is clearly evident that Jillian, Adam, and yourself are extremely passionate about Thinking Maps. A special highlight to Adam and Jillian for their patience, training eloquence, and sincere support! Your drive, is what has inspired our 315 team and we are very excited to emulate your enthusiasm and cultivate this practice throughout our school this September!

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I just wanted to thank you for sharing you methodology with me. After the conference, I put thinking maps to work for our PBIS program. It was the most productive meeting we have had in 5 years. We were able to look at the wants, needs and dreams we had for the program and how we can make them happen. Thank you again for sharing this amazing strategy with us.

Maksim V. Educator

Today with Jillian was wonderful! She provided such great ideas, direction and input. I am excited about the outcomes that are sure to come from today’s work.

Mona H, Assistant Superintendent
East Rockaway, NY

I so appreciate your facilitation. Your instructional style was inclusive and allowed participants to incorporate personal stories and unique work functions.

Tammy P., PLF
New York, NY

I just wanted to take a moment to send you a little message about Jillian and how amazing she was on Tuesday at our Writers Workshop Kickoff in East Rockaway. Jillian was center stage with both elementary schools present and delivered a comprehensive and hands-on presentation and learning experience throughout the day. My teachers and I are all very thankful that we have Jillian to guide our work and help us to enhance our practice in all areas of literacy. We hope to see you soon too!

Erik W. Principal
East Rockaway, NY

I just wanted to thank you for your expertise and how you have helped me be a better teacher. Even though I have taught a long time (yikes) we can all learn from a leader like you. You keep us on our toes and you make me smile because you seem like such a fun person inside that very serious role. 'It's all good!'

Elizabeth M., Grade 1
Evanston, WY

Elizabeth is a great facilitator because she’s a great listener. Her preparation and content knowledge are exemplary as well, but Elizabeth excels as a facilitator precisely because she’s always scanning the room looking for comments, and then taking those comments and paraphrasing them in a non-judgemental manner that moves the conversation along. That is a skill that only comes from deep listening, and Elizabeth is among the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to participate with.

John D., District Coach
New York, NY

Thank you, Elizabeth! Through your excellent training, you taught my colleagues and me how to do an informal running record assessment. Equally important, was the teaching of a guided reading group. Included, was the importance of word work and how to incorporate that into a guided reading group lesson. Thanks again for all your knowledgeable and beneficial teachings. I also want to thank you endlessly for spreading your passion!

Theresa H., Grade 1
Marysville, WA

You have given me a new outlook on teaching and reaching my students.

Crystal S., Coach
New York, NY

You are a wonderful inspiration to all educators. Thank you for changing my way of thinking. You are fantastic! 

Alyson S., Coach
New York, NY

Thank you for the new and different experience. You made it memorable and now I am re-energized. 

Edith R., Elementary School
New York, NY

You've really inspired me with your energy. 

Rosalyn P., Middle School
New York, NY

It's been a pleasure learning from your wealth of knowledge. Your high energy is contagious and quite refreshing. Thank you for helping me improve my craft. 

Keisha G., Coach
New York, NY

You've planted the seed.  Now, your dynamic work has grown into saplings. (That's us.) We all will eventually grow into strong, sturdy trees of knowledge. Collectively, we bring into being a forest of learning.

Pam L., Grade 5
New York, NY

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