Dear Adam: Words cannot express how wonderful the Ardsley team thought the last three days were. Your hard work in preparing to visit our little district paid off a million times over. The teachers are incredibly excited about their learning and (don't blush) I think they are a little bit in love with our "Mr. Fabulous!"

You not only shared your immense expertise with us, but also a little bit of your life. You connected on a very human level and it was really appreciated. You respected the professional dedication and intelligence of the group through your expressed concerned for their needs. In short, we have not had so much fun learning in a very long time. And you can see the bond that you created when I floated the idea of having to split the group up for the training during the school year. Even though we are a small district, many of the teachers have never worked with each other. Now they can't imagine being apart. That is all down to the environment you created.

We can't wait to see you again! I am in your debt and I am so grateful to you. I am so glad to have you, Heidi and Lisa partnering with us to make meaningful and significant change to our practice.

Layne H, Assistant Superintendent
Ardsley, NY

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