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Successful efforts in teaching, learning, and leading all have one essential component in common: BALANCE. During every minute of the planning and practice of their craft, educators work tenaciously to find:

  • The balance between teaching and learning
  • The balance between reading and writing
  • The balance between whole group and small group instruction
  • The balance between teacher scaffolding and student effort
  • The balance between professional development and professional practice
  • The balance between authentic instruction and explicit test preparation
  • The balance between instructional leadership and administrative duties
  • The balance between policy and practice
  • The balance between assessment and instruction
  • The balance between efficiency and effectiveness

The Balance Between, Inc. is THE professional development company that can help you, your colleagues, and your staff as you strive to find "The Balance Between".

Elizabeth R. Dellamora, Ph.D.


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Elizabeth Dellamora (PhD, NYU in Educational Leadership; MsEd, NIU in Reading) works as an educational consultant supporting teachers, principals, and district leaders across the country. She has worked from Alaska to California to Florida to New Hampshire- and nearly every state in between. Previous to her full-time work as a consultant, Elizabeth worked as a primary classroom teacher and reading specialist both in and nearby Chicago. As a consultant, Elizabeth has successfully worked with teachers and students from pre-kindergarten through high school, as well as undergrad and graduate students, but her expertise is in primary and intermediate literacy. Elizabeth is deeply committed to facilitating learning through a gradual release of responsibility (Pearson & Gallagher, 1983)

Elizabeth’s consulting work has ranged from brief workshop sessions to long-term support, sometimes over the course of several years. She has published two books on classroom management in addition to her dissertation that focuses on the impact of No Child Left Behind on the teaching and learning of impoverished students and a chapter in Pathways to Thinking Schools- "Working to Avoid Intellectual Apartheid". Elizabeth specializes in professional development that is custom-designed to meet the needs of the client with a focus on maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. The most powerful professional development opportunities Elizabeth provides incorporate a balance of leadership development, formal professional development sessions, and a combination of demonstration lessons and coached teacher implementation efforts. Elizabeth is currently living in Phoenix, AZ, but supports clients both locally and nationally.

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