I had the privilege of having Lisa Dellamora as an adjunct professor in my education courses at NYU during my junior and senior years. Lisa’s evident passion for teaching, learning, and development of curriculum- specifically related to literacy- was a powerful facilitator of our cohort’s learning and direction in post-college education. In addition, Lisa shared her wealth of knowledge about “how” to teach with kids at the heart of learning and develop curriculum that was based on student strengths and needs.

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One of the things I appreciated most about Elizabeth is how direct she is when coaching you. If she sees something that needs to be changed, she tells you. In our profession, that’s not always the case. I feel that her vast knowledge of writing and the writing workshop combined with her pragmatism helped me to develop my own teaching abilities. I was able to immediately apply ideas and strategies gained from her workshops in my classroom. I highly recommend Elizabeth! 

Jennifer H., Grade 1
Green River, WY

Lisa is an excellent facilitator. She is very informed about thinking maps and is very supportive in the implementation in your school. Not just because, she is trying to sell something but because she genuinely cares about the participants and the integrity of the work. Lisa is always extending a helping hand and whenever I need extra assistance she responds to emails right away. You won't be disappointed. Lisa is a presenter with character, ethics and that cares. 

Candice A., Grade 1
New York, NY

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