Carol Elk

Carol ElkCarol Elk (M.S. in general and special education) works as an educational consultant supporting teachers, principals and district leaders within the New York City Department of Education. She has been the director of special education leading the work in supporting the special needs populations at the schools in her district. Carol has successfully worked with teachers and school administrators to establish a school and classroom environment that supports the needs of all children. In her current role as educational consultant she specifically works with teachers to meet the needs of students who experience educational and behavioral challenges. In addition she teaches undergraduate and graduate students at Queens College on foundations of special education and the strategies of working with students with disabilities.

Carol has provided professional development sessions that have been created to meet the specific needs of teachers within one school building or across a network of teachers from several schools. Follow up sessions have been provided to teachers within their schools to dig deeper into the topic of the professional development. These sessions provide greater rigor to support student learning and to align with the Common Core State Standards.

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